Playa Del Carmen

The beating heart of the Riviera Maya, the town that never sleeps, where everything happens and nothing is missed.

Since it was just a  little town, Playa del Carmen it has always been the most targeted destination for every dream vacation, offering everything one could possibly desire, beautiful white sand beaches, exhilarating nightlife and a tranquil, laid back family environment, all in one place.

Fast forward 10 years and you will find the same charm, just multiplied for many more kilometres. The speedy development hasn’t taken away the allure and attractiveness though; on the contrary, it has increased exponentially, as it is now suitable to satisfy the expectations of every kind of travellers.

No wonder it is one of the most in-demand vacation spots in the world. And although the most appealing factor is, without a doubt, the fact that Playa del Carmen epitomises the essence of the tropical destination, this quaint touristic town is much, much more than that.

The beach reigns;  it stretches all the way along the  city and farther, offering about 10 km of  soft white sand, at easy reach and walking distance no matter where you are staying. You can chose between renting your spot at a beach club or just lay anywhere you wish, having lunch in one of the multiple restaurants or bar options, of al kind and tastes.

When the night falls, or sometimes even in the day, it is the place to party like a star, dancing the night away under the moonlight on the numerous beach bars, or sipping your cocktail on a trendy  roof top at the rhythm of the newly-released lounge music.  Playa del Carmen  is in fact  also host to different music events, from Jazz to electronic; and even sports events, with running and triathlon competitions.

All along the ‘’quinta avenida”  (the place to be if you like to be in the buzz), bars restaurants are open all day and night, with shopping as well, for every style and taste to make every woman happy.

If you love tranquillity, fear not. Just around the corner, far from the madding crowd of the quinta avenida and the locals, but still a few steps away from your hotel, you will certainly find you own peaceful corner, fine dining and cute little bars where you can relax and enjoy the silence.

But what if you are not particularly interested in any of  the above? Still Playa del Carmen is still the best location ever in the Riviera Maya, since it is strategically  positioned, an accessible distance from  all the most exciting places, with the historical Mayan ruins of Tulum, Coba, and Chichen itza, at an easy reach for a day excursion.  Just outside Playa del Carmen are  the famous parks belonging to Xcaret group, and if you like the jungle and the natural beauty, you don’t need to go very far to visit some of the most beautiful, refreshing and spectacular cenotes and just a few minutes drive from the city.

There is so much to do and so many ways to enjoy your vacation in Playa del Carmen. It is up to you how !

We are delighted to introduce to you here below, our lovely hotels were you can find a confortable accommodation in a friendly environment.


Our Hotels in Playa Del Carmen


Illusion Boutique Hotel

In the very heart of Playa del Carmen, steps away from the world famous Quinta Avenida and the white sandy beach.

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Hacienda Paradise Boutique Hotel

In the very heart of Playa del Carmen, steps away from the world famous Quinta Avenida and the white sandy beach.

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Xtudio Comfort Hotel

Located on the 5th Avenue. Prime location in the center of Playa del Carmen. Steps away from the hub of entertainment.

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