Beach clubs in Playa del Carmen

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Beach clubs in Playa del Carmen. With about 7 km or more of beaches stretching alongside the town, Playa del Carmen certainly offers a huge variety of beach clubs, where you can rent beach chairs and umbrellas.

Here in Mexico, the beach is public everywhere, which means that you have free access and the possibility of laying down wherever you wish. However, if you like to be more comfortable, there is a choice of beach clubs.

Heading northwards from the harbour (where the ferries leave for Cozumel), you will find numerous clubs of every type and for every budget. We have selected for you the ones we believe to be the best:

Between Calle 4 and 6, you will find one of the nicest clubs in the area, Into Centro Holistico, with its elegant, dark, wooden beach chairs and a lovely swimming pool, for your use. The cost is 400 pesos per person, but drinks and food can be discounted from the price. If you consume more it will add up, if you consume less it won’t be refunded. Very reasonable deal!

Beach Clubs

Into Centro Holistico

Another cool spot, close by, is FUSION, where you can stay for a minimum of 200 pesos per person, which will be deducted from any drinks and food, but only until 4pm. From 4 to 5.30 pm they need to prepare the beach for the evening entertainment, which should be fun, too.

The finest, and therefore most expensive one, is Thomson Club de Playa. It’s very cool and trendy and the cost here is 60 USD per person, including food. Although it is very elegant, there is not much space and it extends for only a small portion of the beach, making it very crowded when they have a full house.

Beach Clubs

Thomson Beach Club

You will find other options, moving further north, right after the harbour of Avenida Constituyentes:

The first one is Cool Beach, where the cost varies from 350 to 700 pesos per person (including food and drinks), depending on where you choose to be seated. Needless to say, the closer you are to the sea, the more expensive it gets.

Right after that, you will see the most popular one, Club Mamitas, known as party central, day and night, but still frequented by both the young and not-so-young crowd, and also families. In any case, the music is quite low key, unless there is a special event going on. The cost is 150 pesos per person and doesn’t include any food or drinks. You are therefore free to go anywhere you want for lunch although they don’t allow any drinks or food to be brought in there from outside the club. We believe this is the biggest one among all the beach clubs in Playa del Carmen, and there is a huge, spacious restaurant for lunch, snacks and drinks.

Beach Clubs

Martina Beach Club


If you continue further north, either walking along the beach or along the new part of 5th Avenue, you pass a huge hotel which is situated on the beachfront, and just when you think it has finished it actually continues again over a long, beautiful stretch of beach. At this point, the crowds slim down and you will find peace and tranquillity.

There are a couple of nice beach clubs here as well: Encanto Beach 120 MXN (6 USD) per person, and Martina 100 MXN (5 USD) per person, the last one being the nicer of the two. Be aware that down here Wi-Fi is not very reliable, but the owners are working on that! They both have a restaurant for your lunch and drinks.

If you wish to go even further north, the very last one (but not the least) is one of the most elegant options you can find. Although you will need to take a taxi to get there, it is well worth the 10-minute drive. This is the beach club of the Coral Beach Hotel which welcomes outside guests into its very elegant and sophisticated beach club, complete with a beautiful stretch of beach and pristine water.

As you can see, you have a different beach club for every day of your stay. Just ask your concierge to call a taxi for you and take you wherever you feel in tune with, and just soak up the very sunny, Playa del Carmen.

*just a little disclaimer, the above mentioned prices can be variable, especially depending on the season and demand. It is advisable to check with the beach attendant beforehand.

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