Pet Friendly Hotels

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated”. – Mahatma Ghandi

At Xperience Hotels we know how important is your pet for you…Taking your pet on holiday with you is the perfect way to give them some extra love.

Here are our pet qualifications and general rules :

We welcome quiet, non-aggressive pets that are housebroken, and well behaved as to not disturb other guests. All pet ambassadors must be completely free of fleas and ticks, be clean, well groomed and up to date on shots and vaccinations. Must not exceed 15 Kg. of weight. Pets must wear an identification collar and leash at all times, with the exception of when the pet is inside the ambassador where they cannot be left unattended.


All pets must sleep in their carriers, or a pet bed (provided). Pets are not allowed on beds or furniture. Under no circumstances may an ambassador pet be bathed in the guest room bathrooms.

Ambassadors must hang the precaution sign “Pets inside” outside on the doorknob indicating to the staff personnel the presence of pets inside the trooms. Arrangements must be made with housekeeping to service room when owner is out and pet is present.


Dogs must always be on a leash when outside the room and on the premises of the hotel. Guests must supervise their pets while on the patio of the hotel rooms and must never be left alone.

No food, utensils or items belonging to the pet are permitted in the patio/garden area.

The City of Playa del Carmen does enforce a leash law in town, but at specific beach locations your dog only needs to be within voice command. When outside the room, cats must be in a carrier.


Admission of pets in our restaurant is limited to the reserved área outside the restaurant. Food bowls can be provided upon request.


The grounds and gardens of our Xperience Hotels are for the enjoyment of all of our ambassadors, and we therefore request that, pets be walked off property for the purpose of relieving themselves. Ambassadors accompanied by pets are responsible for cleaning up after their pets. Pets must be on a leash in all common areas and restaurant providing they will not cause disturbance to other guests.


Ambassadors are responsible for any harm or damages caused by the pet to the bed linens, property or any staff member. The room of pet guests is inspected after check out, with damages assessed and charged accordingly. Excessive damage may include charges for professional cleaning, rug replacement, and lost revenue charges while the room is out of se service due to cleaning and repairs.

PET FEE: 20 USD / pet / night 

We love celebrating National Pet Month, so be sure to stay tuned and find out about our special pet offers, every year.

Enjoy every minute of your holiday with your paw friend!

Our Pet Friendly Hotels in Playa Del Carmen and Holbox Island

Hacienda Paradise Boutique Hotel

In the very heart of Playa del Carmen, steps away from the world famous Quinta Avenida and the white sandy beach.

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Holbox Dream Beach Front Hotel

Located directly on the beach and only 5 minutes away walking from Holbox Island city center.

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