Ipaf art Holbox

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April 2016 – Dates to be confirmed

The aim of this festival is to bring together artists from around the world to reclaim the public sphere with artworks inspired by the dreams of the inhabitants of Holbox island. Holbox is a small community in the middle of a transition going from a traditional fishing village into a tourist destination. In this process the local residents feel that the keys of their own future have been taken away. We believe that the first step to make your dreams come true is by identifying and expressing the people´s will and together envision the future of the island. This is why since 2012 the project “Dreaming for Holbox” has partnered with several collectives inviting artists to get inspired by the dreams of the Holbox community. The public spaces have been intervened with various artworks, becoming a permanent legacy for the hopes and aspirations of the residents of the island.
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