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Holbox Island Xperience Hotels

Should you ever decide to lock yourself away from the world, escape from your daily hustle and bustle and take a break from to your usual routine, Holbox Island is your place.

A tiny island where nature overrules, Holbox is located north-west of Cancun, and is separate from the mainland by a fascinating lagoon, a mirror of water only interrupted by strips of dense and tangled mangroves that give home to the most beautiful birds such us the pink flamingoes, pelicans, frigates and many other exotic and wild creatures.

It is known as a fisherman’s town, as fishing has always been the main activity; and even though tourism has grown quite a bit recently, the quaint little island has managed to conserve its allure and uniqueness. This is a totally different feeling from the busy Playa del Carmen and Cancun and its apparently remote location has helped Holbox to gain its fame as an exclusive oasis where one can escape from the crowd and enjoy the deserted, never-ending beach.

Here you will find the real slow-paced island life, where all you do is long walks on the beach, or chill out on your hotel’s beach chairs, enjoying the peaceful surroundings and swimming in the calm sea as if it were your private natural swimming pool.

It is the ideal sanctuary for nature lovers. The proud and knowledgeable fishermen will also become your guides if you wish to explore the wilderness of the surrounding little islands and mangroves, to snorkel or fly fish.

Last but not least, when summer comes, the waters between holbox and isla mujeres become home to the beautiful giant of the sea, the whale shark, those tame, enormous creatures for which Holbox is mainly famous for.

Nights on Holbox are pretty quiet too, and you can hang out on the main plaza ,where a relevant choice of cute and delicious restaurants and bars is offered, for every taste and needs.

A funny peculiarity of Holbox is that the island’s thoroughfare is via unpaved roads, which become huge ponds when it rains heavily. This doesn’t become your problem however, since the cute little golf carts/taxis are circulating constantly for your comfort and convenience, to drive you anywhere you want to go.

To reach the island there are different options, either by private boat or by a ferry, which leaves every half an hour from the town of Chiquila’. It’s not as difficult to get to Hotbox as it may seem but let’s keep it our secret so that it can remain our private little island.

we are delighted to introduce to you here below, our lovely hotels were you can find a confortable accommodation in a friendly environment.