Cenotes around Merida

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Cenotes around Merida – As you may have read in our previous posts, Cenotes are some of the most precious gifts of nature which make the Yucatan peninsula so unique and attractive.

Beyond their unique morphological conformation, what you will see when you get to a cenote is a refreshing natural swimming pool, surrounded by jungle. Some are open air at sea level, others may require climbing down a flight of steps, whether naturally carved in the rock, or manmade. Cenote surroundings normally belong to local families who accidentally discover the precious treasure on their land and decide to open them up for their own use. Others understand the attractiveness for local or foreign tourists, and opt to fix them up for use as a recreational site, thus creating their own business.

There are uncountable cenotes scattered around, and you cannot leave the Riviera Maya without visiting at least one.


Plaza in Homún


If you are in Merida, you are just 50 km away from the so-called “anillo de los cenotes” (ring of cenotes). You can either sign up for an excursion from Merida, or jump on a bus to Homun or Cuzama, two main towns which are 10 minutes’ distance from one another, and from where you could spend a number of days visiting Cenotes.

Once you arrive in the main square of Homun, you will see local guys in little motor rickshaws, offering to take you to the best cenotes according to your time availability. They are normally very knowledgeable they have grown up on this land, and they therefore know every inch of it; furthermore, they have a brochure where they will show you the destination. They are normally trustworthy because we visitors are their only source of income, and they want to look after us. We would suggest going with them since you will have fun, get some information on the local culture and habits, and will also be supporting the local economy. Though, if you have your own car and prefer to go on your own, you can do so with no problem.


Cenote Yaxbacaltún –


A few kilometers past Homun, after the church on the right, you will see a sign on the left. Here, there’s a dirt road which will take you to an uncountable number of Cenotes, which are all very well set up and organized. There is a small entrance fee, which helps the local community to keep them safe and clean.

In addition, in the town of Homun you can see two very popular and beautiful ones: Cenote Pool Uinic and Tza Ujun Kat, right in front of one another. Arriving from Merida, turn right after the Restaurant El cenote, and continue straight on for 50 meters until you reach them.

They are enclosed cenotes, and you will what looks like a cave, where you need to climb down concrete steps; however, it is still comfortable to reach. The cenote Tza Ujun Kat is the most popular one in Homún, and the easiest to access.

Cenote Yaxbacaltún is one of the most visited due to its huge spaces and comfortable stairs. It is open, and you can see its perimeter from above, but we certainly suggest climbing down the stairs and enjoying the refreshing water. Once you get down, you can enjoy a huge concrete platform that has been built for your comfort, also making it easy for those who don’t swim. Optimal for families.

Of course there are many many more, and we will leave them for you to discover… or you can ask your concierge and they will be happy to assist you!

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